Découvrez, acheter notre Cryptocurrency (EDCD) EdGigit

Here is the address of our smart contract on the BSC blockchain :
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21 Millions de Jetons dédiés à la transition numérique

Une cryptomonnaie sans projet est absente d’intérêt, EDCD Token par (EdDigit, réseau mondial de Coah Digital) établi la premier token dédié à la transition numérique.

How does it work ?

Bitcoin’s mission is providing people with universal currency.
There are pros of using bitcoin

Bearer Ecash

Replacing common currency is one of Bitcoin’s main features.


I is a basic attribute of any money, Bitcoin added new features to its meaning.


It allows to survive due to its utility in black and grey market use cases.

No Permission

The permissionless nature of Bitcoin is a key selling point in the eyes of developers


Using Bitcoin according to your desire will be full with one of digital wallets.


Bitcoin is already proved in cryptocurrency world. It made a revolution in finance sphere.